Adam Wilcox

Adam Wilcox, PhD

Co-Program Director

Director, Center for Applied Clinical Informatics; Professor of Medicine, Division of General Medical Sciences, School of Medicine

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Data Sharing Governance Pathways

This project provides governance "pathways" documentation to promote collaborative and flexible data sharing for CTSA hubs to expediently allow the safe sharing of electronic health (EHR) data for research.

Advancing the Application of Maturity Models

A continuation of a Phase II project, this project aims to advance the development and deployment of informatics maturity models and measures for use by CTSA hubs and decision makers.


This project created an open source clinical Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Data Browser to enable querying by data dictionaries, or ontologies, and allow for access to both de-identified and identifiable patient data in a compliant manner.

EHR Enrichment with Environmental and Social and Environmental Determinants of Health (SEDoH)

This community project received support in Phase III as an incubator project, with the goal of further developing requirements and plans for implementation at a later date. As part of this process, CD2H assists in connecting the team members to other communities that have already established work or interest in this area. The Electronic Health Record (EHR) Enrichment project is designed to quantify the number of Environmental and Social and Environmental Determinants of Health (SEDoH) variables successfully integrated into the EHR via fast, healthcare, interoperability resources (FHIR), number of active users, number of publications resulting from the use of the application, and creation of scalable predictive analytic models.

Maturity Model

This project aimed to develop an approach to help organizations through the process of self-assessing the maturity of key research information technology (IT) capabilities and learn to improve these capabilities.