Data Sharing Governance Pathways

Project Description

Clear governance pathways among CTSA hubs are needed to expediently allow safe sharing of electronic health data for research. Some CTSA hubs have multiple collaborating institutions within their institute who own data (e.g., EHR derived health system data), but struggle to create governance agreements to share the data for research. Some CTSA hubs take on laborious honest brokerage processes and others struggle to tighten their governance for full compliance. CTSA hubs need clear guidelines and governance vehicles to execute safe and compliant data sharing with individual researchers and across institutions.

This project was designed to create: a library of data use agreements (DUAs) and best practices information, a master data use agreement that can be flexibly populated as a template, and "Pathways" documentation for CTSA hubs to aid in decision making and authoritative data sharing to promote collaborative and flexible data sharing across the CTSA Program.

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