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Christine Suver, PhD

Sage Bionetworks

Community Cores

Tools & Cloud Infrastructure

Creating cloud compute infrastructure for shareable, scalable dissemination and execution of tools across CTSA hubs


Cloud-based DUA

This project is based on a pilot with the FDA and will create a cloud-based data use agreement toolkit to support the entry of de-identified EHR data from partner institutions into the sandboxes. The project will leverage a preconfigured FHIR repository maintained on the CD2H/NCATS cloud or behind the partner institution’s firewall as a demonstration. The team will work with the community to write Governance, SOPs, and policy for CTSA informatics community collaboration. A pan-sandbox Governance group will have CD2H and community representatives to contribute subject matter for specific domains.     

Data Sharing Governance Pathways

This project provides governance "pathways" documentation to promote collaborative and flexible data sharing for CTSA hubs to expediently allow the safe sharing of electronic health (EHR) data for research.