Peer Review Platform

Project Description

Because a platform to support robust peer review within and across CTSA hubs did not previously exist, the Competitions software tool was developed for investigators, reviewers, and administrators to run various types of reviews and competitions, including pilot projects, research awards, and reviews.

The Peer Review Platform project, or Competitions, is an internal grant program developed by the Northwestern University CTSA and supports posting of RFAs, electronic submission, and electronic NIH-style proposal reviews. The Competitions project had already been implemented to support competitions across the university, and nationwide.and successfully managed hundreds of competitions and thousands of applications. This software is being refactored and expanded with a range of features (multi-level review, upgraded interface, support for cloud-based deployment, and SSO protocols).

This project updates the Competitions platform to (1) support CTSA consortium-wide peer-review activities through a cloud-deployment that supports single sign-on, and (2) enhance the competitions code base to improve ease and robustness of local adoption by interested institutions.

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