Architecting Attribution

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There has been a fundamental shift to recognize both the interdisciplinary, team-based approach to science and the many types and intensities of contributions that are necessary to move science forward. Unfortunately, there is insufficient infrastructure to identify, aggregate, present, and ultimately assess their impact. The technical and social problems of science require an approach that assimilates cultural and societal aspects in an open and community-driven manner. Ongoing efforts include the development of a contribution role ontology (built on CRedIT through the CRedIT ontology) to support modeling of the significant ways in which the translational workforce contributes to research, better understanding of the types of research objects generated, and mining of acknowledgment sections in publications to harvest existing contributor roles that can serve as a data source to drive additional development. This work is carried out in a collaborative, open, and friendly manner with an eye toward facilitating credit and attribution.

This project aimed to help support a collaborative informatics community by fostering the development of an academic attribution and reimbursement framework for promotion and recognition. 

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