CD2H Phase III: Request for Project Proposals

Welcome to the Center for Data to Health request for Phase III project proposals!

The goal of CD2H is to support community coordination and collaborative development across the CTSA program. As such, we are seeking project proposals from the community for which we can offer development support within our enterprise-level architecture, help initialize and support larger funding proposals, or otherwise consult with CTSA hubs on their collaborative informatics efforts. We work in concert with the CLIC to achieve these coordination and collaboration goals.

CD2H is arranged in four community cores, with internal infrastructure projects (such as the cloud architecture) and external community coordination and development projects (such as the Competitions tool you are using right now ;-)). Here we request community submissions of approximately 6-month projects for CD2H to help coordinate, develop, or implement in the context of the CTSA program. Phase III projects require multiple CTSAs to be involved and affiliation with at least one designated core. Projects may be longer than 6 months, but should have goals established within the 6 month timeframe.

We anticipate selecting projects or otherwise facilitating the proposed work based on project size and the magnitude of resource needs, recognizing that CD2H can only accommodate 4-6 projects during Phase III for the overall CD2H program. The selection process will be overseen by the iDTF leads, CD2H Steering Committee, community co-chairs, and NCATS. The goal of the initial submission is to prioritize ideas and teams and come up with a set of Phase III projects that are feasible, complementary in scope, and effectively make use of CD2H/NCATS resources. Selected projects will go through a subsequent project planning process to lay out deliverables and ensure adequate resourcing and participation.

Submission Open Date: 12/06/2019

Submission Close Date: 01/09/2020

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