Using National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) Data to Inform your Protocol Development

Researchers planning COVID-19 trials with the Trial Innovation Network (TIN) can leverage the N3C to inform their research hypotheses. N3C focuses on aligning its infrastructure so that it can generate efficient and minimally biased results. Part of that infrastructure includes the curation of value sets and phenotype variables relevant to COVID-19, such as ventilator support, ICU use, and definitions of COVID-19 cases. The potential impact of having clinical study data available from a large-scale harmonized observational database is significant.

This webinar provides an overview and update on the status of N3C, followed by presentations from 3 of the N3C Domain Teams (Pharma-Commercial, Pharmacoepidemiology, Social Determinants of Health) on how they can inform clinical trial protocol development.

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