AMIA Coronovirus Resource Center

AMIA COVID-19 Resources

AMIA is committed to providing guidance and updates as to how COVID-19 is affecting the informatics community. AMIA’s multidisciplinary, interprofessional community of health informatics experts are looking at this novel coronavirus from all directions – from its genome, to its presentation in patients, and its spread across populations. AMIA members are working on the front lines to treat patients, working in public health settings to track its spread across communities, and leveraging data to answer pressing research questions. From front-line informaticians and public health informaticists, to clinical and bioinformatics researchers, AMIA's members are uniquely positioned to leverage data and evidence in the fight against COVID-19. This page will be updated regularly.

AMIA COVID-19 Webinar Series

To highlight how our members and the broader informatics community is addressing this global pandemic we are launching the AMIA COVID-19 Webinar Series.
We will look at the pandemic through a health informatics lens and is designed to share informatics responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Panelists will share their specific domain expertise, including clinical informatics, public health informatics, translational bioinformatics, clinical research informatics, and consumer health informatics. We will also have special emphasis webinars covering topics related to global health, telemedicine, and public policy during the COVID-19 pandemic. These webinars are open to all at no cost.

AMIA Journal Publications

AMIA journals have expedited the acceptance process for COVID-19 papers. These are open access.

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