Competitions: Stabilization, Enhancement, and Dissemination

Project Description

Competitions is a continuation of an active CD2H project. During Phase II, the goals for the Competitions peer-review platform were realized in every respect. We successfully deployed a cloud-based, single sign-on, functioning prototype of a CTSA program-level competition review tool.

Our Phase III project aims to turn this functioning prototype into a fully realized application with feedback from a community of users throughout the CTSA-sphere.

The goals for the Phase III project are to:

  1. Stabilize the software, including code refactoring to further support porting of the software to a CTSA Hub environment
  2. Implement the necessary features discovered during the prototype deployment
  3. Establish a steady-state process for community feedback and contribution
  4. Prepare reference and training material (synchronous/asynchronous) to support both users and technical implementation members of the community

To stabilize the software, we will identify two CTSA hubs to install Competitions at their own institutions and provide feedback on the entire process. Their experiences will shape our reference and training materials. Enhancements to the Competitions software will be determined via collection efforts, evaluation, and prioritization. We will establish transparent pathways for requesting features, reporting bugs, assessing efforts for implementation, and finalizing execution priority. 

The experiences of users, ranging from technical (installing Competitions) to administrative (setting up grants within Competitions) to those who actually apply for grants using the platform, will all inform the reference and training materials. The development of these materials will be open and collaborative (GitHub-facilitated document authorship) and the community will be invited to participate as authors or ongoing reviewers.

Tools & Cloud Infrastructure Core community meetings occur the last Tuesday of the month at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET. Contact for meeting invitation.

Project Leads

Project Cores

Tools & Cloud Infrastructure

Creating cloud compute infrastructure for shareable, scalable dissemination and execution of tools across CTSA hubs