InvenioRDM: A Next-Generation Repository for Research Data Management

Project Description

Proper collection, indexing, and preservation is vital to the discovery and dissemination of research. However, many research communities continue to battle “silos” that hinder discovery of research output at the institutional level. Research Data Management (RDM) platforms play a critical role in the research ecosystem to help preserve and share research, enable reproducibility, and empower reuse of datasets, protocols, engagement or study materials, as well as a wide range of other research products. Open source InvenioRDM has a modern web architecture and standards that make it easy to deploy, maintain, and use. InvenioRDM is being developed with a wide range of features to streamline good data practice, incorporate standards like FAIR, and boost value throughout the translational research life cycle. It provides researchers with an avenue to securely share and preserve data and research materials with collaborators, while also facilitating easy dissemination to the community. The InvenioRDM platform will soon power the entire Zenodo service at CERN.

Zenodo is a platform where you can permanently archive your code and other project elements. Zenodo does this by assigning projects a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which also helps to make the work more citable.

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The name CERN is derived from the acronym for the French Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, a provisional body founded in 1952 with the mandate of establishing a world-class fundamental physics research organization in Europe.

InvenioRDM Alpha 6 - April 2020 release

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