Tools & Cloud Architecture

Project Description

This project continues with specific application to the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) initiative.

This project defines and documents a cloud deployment workflow that can be used by all CD2H sites to guide deploying applications and tools in the NCATS cloud. The Tools & Cloud Architecture project will use the creation of the NCATS-CD2H GitHub repository as a working/learning experience that directly feeds information into creating the deployment workflow.

The cloud based GitHub repository will provide a location for other CD2H sites to create repositories, with both AWS and Docker GitHub instances planned. In addition, the project will deploy the Dream Challenge (Mortality Prediction) app code and documentation into the CD2H GitHub repository. A Docker container will also be created as a sandbox environment for the Dream Challenge (Mortality Prediction) app. Lessons learned in the Dream Challenge (Mortality Prediction) deployment will be used to enhance the deployment workflow. Deployment of the Competitions application in the NCATS cloud will provide experience deploying a non containerized application. Deployment of an NLP application into the NCATS cloud using the documented deployment workflow is also planned as part of this project.

Tools & Cloud Infrastructure Core community meetings occur the last Tuesday of the month at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET. Contact for meeting invitation.

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Tools & Cloud Infrastructure

Creating cloud compute infrastructure for shareable, scalable dissemination and execution of tools across CTSA hubs