Biobanking & the Future of Precision Medicine

Researchers require innovative solutions to ensure that their biobanking projects are a success. From initial sample collection to storage and use in downstream applications, precious biospecimens should be handled with care. Precision medicine research in particular relies on sophisticated biobanking systems to maintain sample integrity and streamline workflows. In this webinar, brought to you by The Scientist and Thermo Fisher Scientific, Erik Steinfelder and Bogi Eliasen will examine the importance of biobanking in precision medicine, from early-stage research to diagnostics and treatments.

Topics to be covered

  • Why biobanking is essential for precision medicine research
  • Assessing real-world genomics data
  • Data management needs for precision medicine success

Erik Steinfelder
Biobanking Market Development Director
Thermo Fisher Scientific  

Bogi Eliasen
Director of Health, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies
Chair of Danish Unesco Bioethical Committee
HIMSS Global Achievement Award winner 2019  

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