Kristi Holmes

Kristi Holmes, PhD

Co-Program Director
Northwestern University

Director, Galter Health Sciences Library; Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine (Health and Biomedical Informatics) and Medical Education

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Resource Discovery

Enabling discovery of expertise and resources within the CTSA hubs and beyond



The CTS Persona Portfolio was developed to represent the diverse roles that make up its members, and reflects the spectrum and diversity of the roles that are required for successful translational research at the local hub level. The Personas project spaned the translational signposts of basic research, pre-clinical research, clinical research, clinical Implementation, and public health.

InvenioRDM: A Next-Generation Repository for Research Data Management

Continuation of a Phase II project to complete the development of a born-interoperable repository and data catalog designed to empower researchers as they engage in good data practices around research data management, licensing, preservation, credit, discovery, and reuse of digital artifacts. 

Architecting Attribution

This project enables tracking and attribution of diverse contributions across the workforce to support credit for research contributors, provide a better understanding of what skills and activities are needed, and offer participation incentive.

InvenioRDM: An Interdisciplinary Open Research Repository

InvenioRDM enables organizations to securely house research products and make them discoverable, shareable, reusable, and citable from publications and presentations to datasets, software, lay summaries, policy documents, and guidelines. 

Reusable Data Best Practice Portal

This portal aims to help investigators share their data (or information about their data) using best practices for metadata, identifiers, licensing, and other attributes, with the goal of enabling discovery and reuse.