HOT Ecosystem Project Meeting

HOT Ecosystem community project meetings occur the 1st Wednesday of the month 10 am PT/12 pm CT/1 pm ET. 

September's community meeting features Harold Solbrig & Dazhi Jiao with an update on progress of the Terminology Common Core Model (TCCM), a simplified model based on the CTS2 specification with a focus on value set definition, resolution, and mapping. 

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The Healthcare Open Terminology (HOT)Ecosystem establishes a community of informaticians and data scientists whocollaborate to meet the data harmonization and integration requirements oftranslational researchers to bridge multiple communities and domains. The HOTEcosystem also advances a unifying framework that allows terminologicalresources to be integrated, merged, and extended to support the goals of itscommunity through representational software and semantic integration.

The HOT Ecosystem started by creating aninventory of terminology models, tools, and content currently used by ourcommunity members. Our goal is to reuse and integrate as much as possible ofthese existing tools to employ a development process  where the majorityof our efforts be focused in both (a) integration and (b) creation of missingbits and pieces that don't already exist elsewhere.  The HOT Ecosystem hasseveral activities underway, include the development of:

·      Arepresentational FHIR terminology service based on the HL7/OMG CTS2specification

·      A Terminology Core Common Model (TCCM) thataccommodates terminology resources from disparate data models

·      Common data model (CDM) and value-set map content using Cancer DataStandards Registry and Repository (caDSR) as a metadata model and HL7 FHIR as acanonical semantic hub

·      Animproved disease ontology for deployment on the ACT network, which integratesinterface, reference, and aggregate terminologies improving the precision,recall, and reproducibility of identifying clinical cohorts in EHR data sets

HOT Ecosystem is nowhosting a virtual meeting with the community at-large on the first Wednesday ofevery month at 1pm ET/10am PT a means to collaborate, validate, and provideengagement for the direction and substance of work products.  If you areinvolved in utilization of data from disparate systems, data alignment, andharmonization processes in translational research projects or systems, weinvite you to join our calls and participate in the HOT Ecosystem.


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MeetingID: 813 554 9604

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MeetingID: 813 554 9604

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Wed, 12/02/2020 - 10:00
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